€300 million for grants in Innovation cooperative projects.

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€300 million for grants in Innovation cooperative projects.

This scheme is for relatively mature ground-breaking technologies, concepts and business models which are close to market.

Proposals must come from consortia of 3 to 5 legal entities who want to see quick market uptake of new technologies. Grants of up to €3 million may be awarded.


The objectives of the proposed action are in line with the expected impacts of the FTI, notably fast development, commercial take-up and/or wide deployment of innovative solutions, time to initial market take-up, leveraging of private investment in research and/or innovation


The objectives of the proposal are defined in a clear and pertinent way, support Horizon 2020 objectives, and are directed towards fast, wide market uptake.

Quality and efficiency of implementation

The work plan is coherent and effective. It takes into account the project’s ambition and objectives. In addition, it includes a realistic and relevant time-frame. And refers to a sound and comprehensive implementation plan, in particular in relation to major deliverables. Tasks and resources are allocated in an appropriate and cost-effective way.

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